Is enough to provide a package of cash for protection assistance to a family in Ukraine.


Can provide a one-off cash assistance payment to a refugee in Poland or Moldova, enabling them to purchase the essentials they need.


Can provide a warm sleeping bag to a refugee fleeing Ukraine (including the cost of transport to get the sleeping bag to them).

How We Help People From Ukraine?

Bridging the gap between Giving and Receiving Hands. People of the World helping people of Ukraine. Directly.
We are dedicating 100% of our efforts to help Ukrainians, to minimize their straggling.

They need immediate access to the humanitarian aid, right now, as we speak.

About Us - Our Mission

In Ukraine, we are working with the local foundation: “Ukraine with Love”, operating since 2014, when Russian occupation began. They have over 100 volunteers in every region of Ukraine, they are very mobile and know about the immediate humanitarian needs of the civilians and their families. They know their regions, every corner and hidden corridors. They are able to deliver humanitarian supply to the areas, where the most government and international humanitarian services are not able to reach. That includes hospitals in the front line war zone. They mobilize volunteer’s resources and deliver lifesaving support directly to civilians, trapped underground for days without connection to any humanitarian providers, hiding from the Russian shelling.
Volunteer’s mobile services are invaluable, saving life in a real time. We know many stories when wounded people (children) passed away, because doctors and hospitals just run out of a basic medical supply.
Our goal is to connect those local volunteers, hard working under the Foundation’s umbrella with their sincere sponsors, from every walk of lives, anywhere in the World.


Coordination, advocacy and fundraising platform provided by the registered

Canadian Non-profit corporation:

Aid Ukraine, operating as


phone: 1-905-782-2790

email: AidUkraine@europe.com

WhatsApp, Viber: 1-905-782-2790